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Machine Learning
Machine learning is now becoming a ubiquitous and necessary capability for all endeavors of engineering. In the Advanced Test Chip Laboratory, we use Machine Learning for defect characterization, failing IC diagnosis, IC testing, operational monitoring, and design characterization. In addition, we are making fundamental contributions to the area machine learning in the areas of acceleration and new algorithm development as well.


Lab Members
| Graduate Students |
Ruben Purdy
     Energy-Efficient DNNs
Prabhu Vellaisamy
      Neuromorphic Computing
Wei Li
     Graph Neural Networks for EDA

Advanced   Chip   
Test  Laboratory.

The Advanced Chip Test Laboratory (ACTL) at Carnegie Mellon University develops and implements data-mining techniques for improving the security, operation, design, manufacturing and testing of integrated systems. Our research involves data-mining algorithm development, data analysis, chip design, testing and diagnosis in collaboration with various industrial partners that currently include Google, Broadcom, Qualcomm and GlobalFoundries. The founder and head of ACTL is Prof. Shawn Blanton.

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