Graduated Students

Zeye Liu


Cuong Nguyen

Research Scientist, Institute for Infocomm Research

Ben Niewenhui

Senior Hardware Engineer, Texas Instrument

Yang Xue

ASTAR Singapore

Jason Tam

Senior Hardware Engineer, Nvidia Corporation

Jeff Nelson

Staff Application Engineer, Cadence Design Systems

Sounil Biswas

DFT Architect and Manager, Marvell Technologies

Rao Desineni

Director, Business Analytics, Intel Corporation

Kumar Dwarakanath

Component Design Engineer, Intel Corporation

Rahul Kundu

DFx architecture, Intel Corporation

Soumya Mittal


Xuanle Ren

Research Scientist, Alibaba

Matthew Beckler

Senior Software Architect, Packet Power

Cheng Xue

Senior Hardware Engineer, Qualcomm

Xiaochun Yu

Staff Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

Yen-Tzu Lin

Hardware Engineer, Nvidia Corporation

Jason Brown

Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

Nilmoni Deb

SOC Design Engineer, Intel Corporation

Noppanunt Utamaphethai

Formal Verification Technical Lead, Apple

Advanced   Chip   
Test  Laboratory.

The Advanced Chip Test Laboratory (ACTL) at Carnegie Mellon University develops and implements data-mining techniques for improving the operation, design, manufacturing and testing of integrated systems. Our research involves data-mining algorithm development, data analysis, chip design and fabrication in collaboration with various industrial partners that currently include IBM, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, CISCO Systems, Intel, GlobalFoundries, and ARM. The founder and head of ACTL is Prof. Shawn Blanton.

Advanced Chip Test Laboratory,

5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh,PA 15213-3890

Tel: 412.268.2987



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