Hardware Security
Global consolidation of the semiconductor industry has raised significant concerns about the security of integrated circuits. Issues that include counterfeiting, reverse engineering, malicious design alteration, data leakage, etc. are now all significant concerns for designers, fabricators, and users of integrated electronic systems. Research in the Advanced Test Chip Laboratory has multiple projects that address a variety of the challenges that arise when achieving secure, trustworthy systems based on integrated circuits.


Lab Members
| Graduate Students |
Danille Duvalsaint
     Logic Locking and Attacking 
Ruben Purdy
     Circuit Obfuscation and Logic Locking
Gustavo Camero 
     Machine Learning Security 
Advanced   Chip   
Test  Laboratory.

The Advanced Chip Test Laboratory (ACTL) at Carnegie Mellon University develops and implements data-mining techniques for improving the operation, design, manufacturing and testing of integrated systems. Our research involves data-mining algorithm development, data analysis, chip design and fabrication in collaboration with various industrial partners that currently include IBM, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, CISCO Systems, Intel, GlobalFoundries, and ARM. The founder and head of ACTL is Prof. Shawn Blanton.