Shawn Blanton, Ph.D.

Shawn Blanton is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University . His research interests include various aspects of integrated system test, testable design, and test methodology development. He has consulted for various companies, and is the founder of TestWorks, a Carnegie Mellon University spinout focused on information extraction from IC test data.


Apr. 2020

ACTL 2020 IEEE VLSI Test Symposium paper titled "A Deterministic-Statistical Multiple-Defect Diagnosis Methodology" is a best paper nominee

Sep. 2019

ACTL paper "IPSA: Integer Programming via Sparse Approximation for Efficient Test-Chip Design", authored by Qicheng Huang, Chenlei Fang, Zeye Liu, Ruizhou Ding and Shawn Blanton, was selected as a best paper candidate for ICCD (International Conference on Computer Design) 2019.

Advanced   Chip   
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The Advanced Chip Test Laboratory (ACTL) at Carnegie Mellon University develops and implements data-mining techniques for improving the operation, design, manufacturing and testing of integrated systems. Our research involves data-mining algorithm development, data analysis, chip design and fabrication in collaboration with various industrial partners that currently include IBM, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, CISCO Systems, Intel, GlobalFoundries, and ARM. The founder and head of ACTL is Prof. Shawn Blanton.

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