Danielle Duvalsaint is awarded the Ann and Martin McGuinn Graduate Fellowship.

Danielle Duvalsaint is awarded an NSF Scholarship to attend the 2018 VLSI Test Symposium.

PhD student Sergio Ramirez Martin awarded GEM Associate Fellowship.

ACTLs have a celebration dinner after Xuanle's Ph.D thesis defense at Hofbrauhaus, Pittsburgh

ACTL is featured in New York Times story


Danielle Duvalsaint is awarded the GEM Engineering Fellowship.

Shawn Blanton invited as the panelist of "Yield learning session " at the 2017 International Test Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

Chenlei Fang wins a Neil and Jo Bushnell Fellowship in Engineering.

Qicheng Huang wins a 2017 David Barakat and LaVerne Owen-Barakat Fellowship.


Shawn Blanton invited as the keynote speaker at the 25th North Atlantic Test Workshop in Providence, Rhode Island

Shawn Blanton featured in Diversity in Action by the excerpt At the Crossroads of Learning and Technology.

Advanced   Chip   
Test  Laboratory.

The Advanced Chip Test Laboratory (ACTL) at Carnegie Mellon University develops and implements data-mining techniques for improving the operation, design, manufacturing and testing of integrated systems. Our research involves data-mining algorithm development, data analysis, chip design and fabrication in collaboration with various industrial partners that currently include IBM, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, CISCO Systems, Intel, GlobalFoundries, and ARM. The founder and head of ACTL is Prof. Shawn Blanton.

Advanced Chip Test Laboratory,

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