ECE Assistant Research Professor Xin Li, Professors Rob Rutenbar and Shawn Blanton received Inventor Recognition Award from Focus Center Research Program (FCRP). This award is conferred in recognition of their inventive contributions to develop the Virtual Probe (VP) methodology for low-cost silicon testing and characterization of integrated circuits.

Mike Wang has been awarded an Intel Summer Fellowship for conducting machine-learning research for application to Intel fabrication tool maintenance.

Shawn Blanton, Director of CSSI, speaks at the VLSI Design and Education Center’s 2010 Design-to-Test Symposium held at the University of Tokyo.

Shawn Blanton named the 2011 Program chair of the International Test Conference (ITC). Dr. Blanton is pictured here with 2010 ITC invited speaker Dr. John Cohn, IBM Fellow, CMU Alum and star of the Discovery Channel show, “The Colony”.

Shawn Blanton gives an invited talk at the 2010 IEEE/ACM Workshop on Variability Modeling and Characterization in San Jose, CA, on the topic of “Test Data Mining”. This workshop is held in conjunction with the 2010 International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD).

Shawn Blanton featured in Diversity / Careers in Engineering & Information Technology Magazine, Winter 2010 / Spring 2011 Issue.

Shawn Blanton gave a Plenary talk at the 2010 International Symposium on Electronic System Design (ISED) in Bhubaneswar, India. Title of his talk: “Using Test and Diagnosis to Enable Tomorrow’s Robust Systems”


Professor Blanton is elevated to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE for contributions to testing of microelectromechanical systems and integrated circuits.

Professor Blanton speaks at the ASTAR Graduate Scholarship Workshop in Singapore.

ECE graduate student Yen-Tzu Lin has received a fellowship from NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing technologies and the inventor of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), a high-performance processor that generates interactive graphics on workstations, personal computers, game consoles, and mobile devices. The Nvidia news release can be found here.

ECE graduate student Matthew Beckler is a recipient of a Lamme/Westinghouse Graduate Fellowship.

ECE graduate student Xiaochun Yu is a recipient of a prestigious Intel Fellowship. The highly competitive program awards only 40 fellowships annually to Ph.D. candidates at select universities who are doing leading edge work in fields related to Intel's business and research interests.

ECE graduate student Xiaochun Yu is a recipient of the prestigious Bertucci Fellowship. Created through the generosity of John and Claire Bertucci, this highly competitive fellowship was established to provide merit fellowships to graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in the College of Engineering.


Professor Shawn Blanton is named Director of the Center for Silicon System Implementation. The official Carnegie Mellon announcement can be found here.

Shawn Blanton, Director of CSSI, speaks at the 25th Anniversary of CSSI.

ECE graduate students Peter Milder and Peter Klemperer won first place with a cash prize in a contest sponsored by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) for their final project in Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design in the Fall of 2008. Picture from right to left: Peter Milder, Kate Killfoile (AMD judge and 2005 CMU alumnus), and Peter Klemperer.


Shawn Blanton named Senior Member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). He was one only 57 recipients worldwide to achieve Senior Member status in 2007.

Jason Brown and Shawn Blanton publish book chapter. Chapter 4: “A Built-In Self Test and Diagnosis Strategy for Chemically-Assembled Electronic Nanotechnology,” Emerging Technologies: Test, Defect Tolerance, and Reliability, Springer Publishing.


CMU@NSBE: Carnegie Mellon sponsors a variety of events at the 2006 NSBE convention held in Pittsburgh.

Jeff Nelson is awarded an SRC-IBM fellowship.

Shawn Blanton was awarded a 2006 Emerald Award for outstanding leadership in recruiting and mentoring minorities for advanced degrees in science and technology.

Jeff Neslon received the Benjamin Garver Lamme/Westinghouse Graduate Fellowship.

ECE graduate students James Esper (right) and Sherif Morcos (left) won first place and a trip to Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) in Austin, Texas, for their final project in Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design in the Fall 2006.

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